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Maria Malec

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Maria Malec, Wellness Instructor, offers education on aromatherapy for everyday wellness.

Trained as a C.A.R.E* Raindrop Technique facilitator, she develops wellness programs for individuals by recommending results oriented practices. Her focus is directed towards each clients desired goal to achieve the highest level of wellness.

Through a series or stand alone classes, Maria teaches how to design a unique blueprint for vitality by developing an Aroma-Living assisted lifestyle. Attendees learn how to incorporate daily aromatherapy methods for wellness to thrive in all areas of life.

The classes offered:

1. Aromatherapy 101

2. Building a Natural Medicine Cabinet

3. Creating a Healing Home

This perfectly imperfect mom of five is a wellness advocate, educator of Informed Self Care, chemical-free activist and people booster who is solutions oriented! Maria has been learning, educating and empowering others using essential oils for everyday wellness for the past 15 years. Beginning first with herself and family, she proved the efficacy of this natural modality. From self-healing, emerged the journey to bring the wealth of her knowledge to others, proving that it is possible to be self sufficient through conscious and responsible living in this modern age. She believes that the emotional connection between our ailments and our bodies is a key element in understanding and achieving whole health by pushing beyond the past and living with purpose in the NOW.

She has found the skills and the confidence to pay attention to her own body and use real food, essential oils, and life nurturing resources to take care of the day to day things that come up and try to railroad her schedule and efforts to care for her family. Informed Self Care is about sharing that information with you so that you are empowered to do the same! We invite you to join with her as she continues seeking a life worth sustaining.

*Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education